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National Museum of Natural Science (Taichung, Taiwan)
new1[1].gif (159 byte) National Palace Museum - Contains the world's largest collection of Chinese arts and treasures. (inglese, francese, tedesco, spagnolo, giapponese, cinese)
new1[1].gif (159 byte) Taipei Fine Arts Museum
The National Museum of Chinese History  - In Inglese e cinese.
Lu Xun Museum
Song Qingling Museum

Capital Museum

The Chinese Military Museum

The Museum of the Chinese Revolution

Tongzhou Museum

Miyun Museum

Treasure House in the Arts & Crafts Museum

Beijing Art Museum

Yan Huang Art Museum

Beijing Liao and Jin City Wall Museum
The Museum of Xizhou Yandu Ruins
Dabaotai Western Han Dynasty Tombs

The National Geological Museum of China

China Space Museum

Beijing Museum of Ancient Architectures

China Agricultural Museum

China Printing Museum

Former Residence of Mao Dun

Xu Beihong Museum (Chinats.com)
Xu Beihong Museum
Guo Moruo Museum
Apicultural Museum of China
Beijing Aviation Museum
Beijing Ancient Coins Museum
The China Great Wall Museum
Big Bell Temple Museum
Museum of Ancient Pottery Civilization
China Sports Museum
Beijing Art Museum of Stone Carving
Beijing Postal Museum
new1[1].gif (159 byte)

Arthur M.Sackler Museum of Art and Archaeology at Peking University.Specializes in Chinese archaeology and museology. Also includes the Jillian Sackler Sculpture Court and Garden.

The Museum of Traditional Chinese Medicine
The Pingxi Cemetery of Martyrs of the War of Resistance against Japan
The Exhibition Hall of the site of former Headquarters of the Jirecha Tingjin Army
Museum of the Chinese Nationalities


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