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19. 二胡 - 菊花台 Chrysanthemum Terrace

18. Yuan (Predestined Relationship)

17. 睡莲 (A Water Lily), dall'album: 王蕾与二胡的细语
Jia Peng Fang (贾鹏芳) Erhu music /  Background chorus by Wang Lei.

16. Erhu - Xikou Ballad - 西口情韵
Performed by Yu Hongmei 于红梅 - Composed by Guan Ming (关铭)

15. Ballad of Lan Huahua 兰花花叙事曲 Erhu(二胡)- Yu Hong Mei 于红梅

14. Dalla colonna sonora del film "La foresta dei pugnali volanti"
"Lovers - Flower Garden" - erhu solo

13. 秋梦 - 二胡演奏: 黄江琴(The Dream of Autumn - Erhu)

12. Huang Jiang Qin - Lover's Tears

11. 沈琳 二胡 女人花 

10.  中国国宝在法国巴黎博物馆2009. 果敢二胡音乐会在巴黎博物馆
Da un concerto di Guo Gan tenuto in un museo di Parigi nel 2009

9.  Guo Gan果敢 in Genève二胡 
"Melody for Dialogue among Civilizations Association "Concert, 2009: 
Vivaldi (La Tempesta di Mare, second movement).
l' orchestre: Prague Philharmonic Orchestra

8.  《在那遥远的地方》于红梅(二胡)、赵聪(琵琶)、陈悦(笛子) - Erhu, pipa e dizi

7. Honghu Capriccio 洪湖主题随想曲 Erhu(二胡)- Min Hui Fen 闵惠芬

6. 江河水闵惠芬 - Jiang he shui - Assolo di Min Huifen

5. YU Hongmei - Horse Racing (Erhu Solo) 于红梅 二胡独奏 赛马
"Horse Racing" was written in 1959 by HUANG Haihuai (黄海怀), a well-known ethnic Han Chinese Erhu performer. "Horse Racing" depicts a scene of Inner Mongolian people celebrating their annual Nadam Fair. Erhu is a simple Chinese musical instrument. One must use many different techniques to play this music by Erhu. This music illustrates an amazing show of thousands of horses galloping and generating roaring sound. It is so unique and creative that it is recognized as a masterpiece of Erhu instrumental music. YU Hongmei (于红梅) is one of the best Erhu performers in China.

4. 二胡演奏:长相思-Longing

3. 江河水 (二胡演奏:闵惠芬)

2. The Charm of Heaven Mountain 天山風情

1. The Moon Mirrored in the Pool 二泉映月

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