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1. 12 Girls Band 女子十二乐坊 Cloudy Sky in HD 
pipa, erhu. guzheng ensemble

2. 12 girls band 女子十二乐坊_自由 (LibertÓ)

3. 烟雨江南 The Misty Rain of Jiangnan in China

4. Wild China Soundtrack
This is a short soundtrack compilation from the BBC travel documentary Wild China by Burnaby Taylor

5. Jasmine Flower (茉莉花)-Chinese Traditional Music
Yu Hongmei 于红梅 Erhu 二胡
Zhao Cong 赵聪 Pipa 琵琶
Chen Yue 陈悦 Dizi 笛子
Ji Wei 吉炜 Guzheng 古筝 


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