"From Venice to Hangzhou"
The 26th Internationalization Forum
11 - 16 March 2014

The EURO-CHINA Strategy Advisors Marco Polo Society, in cooperation with the Industrial Unions, the Chambers of Commerce and the Municipal Authorities of various countries of Europe and China, in the framework of its INTERNATIONALIZATION Program, organize an economic, cultural and tourism promotion Forum focused on the Venetian Explorer Marco Polo, in Hangzhou (China), a legendary cultural and tourist destination on China's eastern coastland, blessed by a breath-taking scenery composed by hills, lakes and rivers, that highlight the distinctive charms of the picturesque Westlake, so dear to Marco Polo. Historically, Hangzhou has nurtured some of the most refined personalities of the Chinese culture, celebrated today as the "Liangzhou Culture". Stunned by its grandeur and beauty, the Venetian traveller Marco Polo considered Hangzhou as "The most noble and magnificent city in the world".

This Internationalization Forum has not only the purpose of relaunching the image of Marco Polo and of Venice, but is also looking to the future to enhance the success of the modernization of Hangzhou and the interest and admiration for this splendid city, through encounters between institutional and industrial leaders with their Chinese counterparts. To this purpose, with the support of the Hangzhou Municipal Authorities, CCPIT (China Council for the Promotion of International Trade), and in the presence of local, national and international press and television, EURO-CHINA will promote a series of discussions with potential Partners from the following sectors:

- Transportation, Tourism and Hotel Industry - Air and Aerospace Industry - Naval and Yachting Industry - Automotive Industry
- Metal-mechanics and Building Industry - Furnishing Industry - Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Paramedical Industry - Education and Foreign Languages

EURO-CHINA is pleased to extend an INVITATION to interested institutional or business organization to attend this International Forum in Hangzhou, where the "Golden Certificate" of the Marco Polo Prize will be presented to the City of Hangzhou for "Its eminence in art, economy, social sciences and civic progress, and in rediscovering the concept of tradition, creativity and harmony, which was the main trait of Marco Polo".

The European participants shall cover the air tickets, the hotel costs and the registration fees. We look forward to welcome you in HANGZHOU, 11-16 March, 2014 !

President of EURO-CHINA Marco Polo Society

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