Member of European Advisory Council for Technology Trade
(In Consultative Status with United Nations

A Non-Profit International NGO for Europe-China Economic Cooperation

"From Venice to Hangzhou"
The 26th Internationalization Forum
11 - 16 March 2014

Si celebrano i 20 anni di EURO-CHINA a Shanghai - Un'organizzazione al servizio dello sviluppo delle imprese europee -
Scelta Shanghai come sede dell'Esposizione Universale del 2010.
I servizi di EURO-CHINA


Founding Pres/intl Coordinator/CEO Former Ambassador Prof. Siro Polo Padolecchia,
Legal European Head Office: Menton (France) - Tel. (377)607937322 Fax. 93303132
Profile of Prof. Siro Polo Padolecchia


Founded 12 Mar,1986, Geneva (Switzerfland), as European Centre for the Promotion of Innovation Technologies (ECPIT) - Centre européen pour la promotion des innovations technologiques (CEPIT), under the auspices of European Union (EU) (our ref F2147) and United Nations (UN) (our ref A3375). Subsequent changed title to European Advisory Council for Technology Trade (EACT) - Conseil consultatif européen pour les échanges technologiques in 1990. Present name adopted 2001. Statutes modified Oct 2000, Menton (France), Registered in accordance with French law.

Aims Promote and facilitate the exchange of technology between European and developing country (particularly Chinese) enterprises, as well as investment, joint ventures and partnerships;. assist the management of industrial or trading enterprises in searching and using modern equipment as well as know-how, provide training and relevant information.

Structure Internationl Board, led by President, assisted by academic, scientific and economic personalities from Europe and China, Headquarters in Menton (France), China headquarters in Shanghai; Liason Offices in several countries of the European Union and selected developing countries.

Languages Mandarin Chinese, Danish, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish.

Staff 15 full-time, voluntary; 70 part-time, voluntary.

Finance Members’ dues. Other sources: private revenue, surveys; consultancy; research, publications.

Consultative Status ECOSOC (our ref E3377) (Ros C); 
-- UNCTAD (our ref E3381) (Special Category).

IGO Relations support received from:
-- Asian Development Bank (ADB) (our ref F0077)
-- European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) (our ref F2441) (World Bank)
-- European Commission (our ref E2442);
-- United Nations (UN) (our ref A3375).

Links with: 
--  ILO (our ref B2183); 
-- International Trade Centre (ITC) (our ref E2639);
-- International Training Centre of the ILO (ITC) (our ref F2186); 
-- UNIDO (our ref E3386); 
-- United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) (our ref E4176); 
-- United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP) (our ref E4177).

Accredited by:
pard  -- United Nations Office at Vienna (UNOV) (our ref E7552). 

-- Marco Polo Society; 
-- World Trade Advisory Committee. Associated with DPI of the United Nations.

NGO Relations Links with:
-- International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) (our ref B1490); 
-- International Marketing Federation (IMF) (our ref F2244); 
-- foreign trade centres of various chambers of commerce and local authorities in China and Europe.

Activities Plans, negotiates ad implements projects to foster investments, technological exchange, trade and industrial cooperation between Europe and China; encourages direct communications between different regions of China and Europe in view of improving economic links. Organizes Annual Business Forum Partenariat in China or Europe (preferably in Spring or Autumn) to promote technological, economic and industrial cooperation agreement and joint ventures between European and Chinese enterprises. Other areas: 'Industrial Cooperation Development' - carries out negotiations to enhance creation of joint ventures, as well as assist European and Chinese companies to improve their trade and technology transfer activities; 'Management Development and Training' - helps organize management-training programmes in Europe for Chinese business leaders and executives, as well as for European managers in China, with the aim of developing their knowledge about the reciprocal business and cultural environment.

Events Euro‑China Business Forum 12 up to 2005; Shanghai (China) 2006, Hangzhou (China) 2007.

Publications Newsletters. Business in China - Bulletins; books.

Members Trade advisers, researchers, marketing, legal and financial experts, specializing in joint ventures, technology transfer and regional development. 
Correspondents in 19 countries:

- Asia: China, Korea (South), Philippines

- Europe: Belgium; Denmark; France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Monaco, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Finland, Norway, Great Britain, Ireland (Eire), Malta, Cyprus.

Latest itnformation received on 01 June 2010

Recent and future Meetings: EURO-CHINA holds an International Symposium or Forum at least once a year either in China or in a European country. It also participates, upon invitation, to Forums or Conferences organized by Local Authorities or Chambers of Commerce in their own countries. The purpose is to facilitate the exchange of ihzformatiton and the contacts between European business leaders and their counterparts in China and other countries.

EURO-CHINA is part of the International Group comprising:

- E.A.C.T. (European Advisory Council for Technology Trade)
- World Trade Advisory Council (W.T.A.C.)
- The Marco Polo Society
- European Institute for Future Studies (E.I.F.S.)

Source: Yearbook of International Organizations 2011/2012
Ref. E 0 665 - 20 April 2010


European Office:      
Menton France 
Fax.: 00377
E-mail: euro-china@
In Italy - Piedmont Office:
Lungopo Antonelli, 177
10153  TORINO
Tel: +39.011.898.04.06
Fax: +39.011.890.30.21